Cygnus 125, Cooling Fin, Valve Cover

  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:ZUMA-V
  • Material:steel alloy
  • Color: orange,silver, black
  • Minimum Order:1 set
  • Delivery Lead Time:depends on the quantity
  • Payment Condition: T/T, PayPal

( 冷却フィンバルブカバーセット )
The Cygnus 125 radiators have 3 color, black, sliver and orange.
( fit Cygnus 125, BWS125, Zuma 125, Mio and Nouvo Z use )

YAMAHA Cygnus 125 Cooling Fin Valve Cover set
ZUMA-V-B BWS125 ventilation kit-black
ZUMA-V-O BWS125 ventilation kit-orange
ZUMA-V-S BWS125 ventilation kit-silver
Especificación detallada

Cygnus 125 radiador tiene 3 colores:negro, plata y naranja.
(ajusta Cygnus 125, BWS125, Zuma 125, Mio and Nouvo Z)

YAMAHA Cygnus 125 kit de aleta de enfriamiento y tapa de la válvula