X'PRO125, crankshaft

X'PRO125, crankshaft

Product Description

Product Name: X'PRO125, crankshaft

Country of Origin:Taiwan

Model:X PRO 125-030

Material:forging ,steel alloy

Minimum Order:1 pcs

Delivery Lead Time:depends on the quantity

Payment Condition: T/T, PayPal

Detail Specifications

The all rods of the Taida crankshafts are forging. The forging material, the different organization of the metal would be durable than the usually one.
( X'PRO 125 ロングクランク )
SYM Original stroke : 57.8 mm
X'PRO 125-030350 X'PRO125 3500 microns stroke extended crank shaft(61.3 mm)
Especificación detallada
Todas las barras de cigüeñal de Taida son forjadas. El material forjado y el metal de la organización diferente son más duraderos que los originales.
SYM curso original : 57.8 mm
X'PRO 125-030350 X'PRO125 3500 cigüeñal de curso extendido(61.3 mm)