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2015 / 08

You can use PayPal to buy Taida parts even though the bank was shut down.

1. Hi~My name is Nikos.

I'm a technician and own a scooter shop in Greece.

2. My duty is to repair scooter for my customers.

Sometime, I will buy parts from other countries.

3. My hobby is going around by a scooter with my wife.

4. Recently, I have encountered an awful situation.

I cannot get my money from our local bank also I cannot to transfer money to my supplier.

5. I can’t get parts for the scooters I repair.

Our banks are shut down here.

6. I feel very frustrated since I can't buy parts and also I’m nervous if that money I saved can’t come back.

What should I do?

7. I love Taida!

I desire to have Taida products!!

8. I feel sad to cancel my new order from Taida.

I told them “I love the parts you offered me, the quality is good and good service.”

9. Taida's fast reply and helpful suggestion make me start to smile, They ask me....

" Do you have Paypal?"

10. I forget I have PayPal account.

I can use PayPal to buy Taida motor parts company

even though the bank was shut down.

11. Just to fill in payment amount. No matter

you're a scooter shop or individual player,

you can pay bills easily.

12. Taida's Competitive Advantages:

(1) Highly-compatible accessories are easy and quick to install for pros and even DIY applications.

(2) Continual product improvement and innovation.

(3) Excellent compatibility of fittings also helps to boost engine power.

13. GY6 125= 8.5 HP=125cc

If you order…

GY6 58.5mm cylinder + 61.3mm stroke crankshaft + cylinder head 28/23= 165cc= 11HP

GY6 67mm cylinder + 66mm stroke crankshaft + cylinder head 30.5/26.5= 232cc= 22 HP

14. Taida motor part co.,ltd

Kymco : GY6, G5, KTR, VJR, JR100, Dink, APEX150,

Racing, king 180

Yamaha: BWS100, BWS125, Fuzzy, FZR, Jog, RS100,

S-Max, T135, VINO50, Cygnus125, Majesty 125

, SR150...

SYM :Dio, GTS125, J-Power, Mio50, Fighter150,

X'PRO 100/125, Sy...