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2013 / 11

scooter maintenance

There are some common senses about motorbike you need to realize.

1. When you ride about 5000 km, you need to change the air filter.

If you don’t replace the filter, you will influence the efficiency of the cylinder, attached lots of dust.

2. To choose the suitable kind of gas to your scooter. Different compression ratio need to use different level oil, some use 92, some are 95 or98 in Taiwan. Although now are start to popular with electric bike, but trust me. Their power and lot of parts can’t compare with motorbike.

3. The oil and the oil filter need to be periodically replaced, or the piston of the engine will stuff on the cylinder, can’t work, and you will need to go to find us.

4. Check the brake and tires always because if they are not in good condition, you can’t stop your bike, when encounter sudden situation.