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2013 / 11

Cycling around Taiwan by riding motorcycle

Cycling around the island is not only a challenge for people, but also an enthusiasm to the life. If have a chance, you can’t miss it, and to try it.

Go the trip, our partner, motorcycle, we need to realize it and to check it.

There are two kinds of motor bike, two strokes and four strokes, we should know them.

Two stroke motorcycles, 50cc, will use lots of pump oil and have some smoke, and the fast speed among 60-70km per hour, now are eliminate gradually by people.

Four stroke motorcycles, 125cc, have no pump oil and smoke problems and can get more power on your riding; the fast speed is about 110km per hour.

If your four stroke motorcycle can fit with water cooling cylinder, it can go for long time riding, it no problem, it also can reduce the heat of the cylinder.

So, if you want to have a cycling trip, don’t forget to choose 125cc motorcycle which has water cooling engine kit. Have a good challenge trip.

Reference from: YAHOO knowledge