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2013 / 11

Be careful when you ride the motorcycle.

There are 5 points; you should always keep in mind.

1. The faster you ride, the less you see. When you ride fast, not only let yourself be dangerous, but let other people get involved in unsafe environment. What is the relation between the speed and vision? When we are walking, we can see the 90 degrees. Riding bike, we can see 75 degrees, but when the riding speed be 40km, the visible vision would be 65 degrees. So the faster speed will cause the less sight you can see.

2. The fast speed can’t stop quickly. For example: A motorcycle is about 110kg and adds the full gas situation and the weight who rides on it could be 170kg. If he rides on the speed of 100 km per hour, he needs 4 to 6 meters to stop.

3. Don’t leaning your bike too down to the ground when you’re passing the curves. Lots of bumps and hollows will hurt your motorbike and destroy the tires. Heavy traffic has shoved pavement into washboard ripples and bumps. But if you are on the racing field, of course you can no matter how many curves because the pavement is very flat and no small crushed stones.

4. You need to check the tires usually. The surface, the trace of the tires and if it get something on it, you need to remove it. Although the front tire is more durable than rear one, it needs to change new one when used for two years.

5.It better to choose the full face helmet. The cover of the hamlet needs to be see-through. It can protect your head and can keep you warm, too.

Reference from: YAHOO knowledge