FCR carburettor (upgraded)

FCR carburettor (upgraded)

Product Description

Product Name:FCR carburettor (upgraded)

Country of Origin:Japan, U.S.A.


Minimum Order:1 pcs

Delivery Lead Time:depends on the quantity

Payment Condition:T/T, PayPal

Detail Specifications

FCR キャブレター
FCR28 carburettor 28 mm
FCR33 carburettor 33 mm
FCR35 carburettor 35 mm
FCR39 carburettor 39 mm
FCR41 carburettor 41 mm

PWK キャブレター
PWK20 PWK20 carburetor
PWK26 PWK26 carburetor
PWK28 PWK28 carburetor
PWK33 PWK33 carburetor
PWK36 PWK36 carburetor
PWK38 PWK38 carburetor

CVK キャブレター
CVK26 CVK26 carburetor
CVK28 CVK28 carburetor
CVK30 CVK30 carburetor
CVK32 CVK32 carburetor
CVK34 CVK34 carburetor-Auto by star
CVK36 CVK36 carburetor

PE キャブレター
WOLF-C+M PE 28 Carburetor +Manifold ( fit wolf motorcycle )
PE29 PE29 carburetor ( fit GY6 , 160cc to 200cc use )