VESPA V150, cylinder-two hole

VESPA V150, cylinder-two hole

Product Description

Product Name:VESPA V150, cylinder-two hole

Country of Origin:Taiwan


Material:founding iron ,steel alloy

Minimum Order:1 pcs

Delivery Lead Time:depends on the quantity

Payment Condition:T/T, PayPal

Detail Specifications

( VESPA150 2穴 ビッグボアシリンダー )
VES150-010-2 cylinder (two hole):57 mm

VESPA V150(two hole) Big bore cylinder
VES150-01061-2 cylinder 61 mm (two hole)
specificación detallada
VES150-010-2 cilindro (dos agujeros):57 mm

VESPA V150(dos agujeros) Big bore cilindro
VES150-01061-2 cilindro 61 mm (dos agujeros)