Freeway 100/150, engine parts

  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:Freeway150-EP
  • Material:steel alloy
  • Minimum Order:1 pcs
  • Delivery Lead Time:depends on the quantity
  • Payment Condition: T/T, PayPal

We can't get Freeway 100/150 cylinder anymore, but we can do the boring.
If you can sent your Freeway 100/150 STD cylinder to us,we can bore and change a new piston and piston ring.
Bored cylinder might can last longer than original one.
KYMCO Freeway 100 engine parts
Freeway 100 valve set
Freeway 100 oil seal (for valve)
Freeway 100 gasket
Freeway 100 pin
Freeway 100 cylinder boring

KYMCO Freeway 150 engine parts
Original Size : 57*57.8(147.5cc)
Freeway 150 valve set
Freeway 150 oil seal ( for valve )
Freeway 150 gasket
Freeway 150 pin
Freeway 150 cylinder boring
Especificación detallada

Ya no producimos Freeway 100/150 cilindro, pero podemos hacer el taladrado.
Si usted puede enviarnos su Freeway 100/150 STD cilindro, podemos hacer el taladrado y cambiar pistón nuevo y anillo de pistón.
La vida del cilindro taladrador dura más larga que el original.
KYMCO Freeway 100 piezas del motor
Freeway 100 kit de válvula
Freeway 100 sello de aceite (para válvula)
Freeway 100 junta
Freeway 100 clavija
Freeway 100 rectificadora de cilindro

KYMCO Freeway 150 piezas del motor
Tamaño original : 57*57.8(147.5cc)
Freeway 150 kit de válvula
Freeway 150 sello de aceite (para válvula)
Freeway 150 junta
Freeway 150 clavija
Freeway 150 rectificadora de cilindro