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2012 / 02

Taida Motor Part Co., Ltd.--Performance parts for motorcycles and engines

Taida Motor Part Co., Ltd., established in 1997, is a top-end supplier of performance parts and accessories for motorcycles and motorcycle engines, with its own TD brand.

The company, aware of the huge market potential of performance parts for motorcycle engines, decided to focus on the segment several years ago. To outdo competitors in the competitive market, the company has imported Cylinder Head machines and consistently upgraded know-how to sharpen manufacturing capability.

Its painstaking journey to become a world-caliber supplier has been worthwhile, as the company now can make various engines and performance parts for motorcycles, including performance fittings, oil-cooling kits (with oil drain parts), connectors, cylinder heads, cylinder gaskets, and oil temperature gauges, building solid ground in Europe, the U.S. and Japan with exports steadily growing 20-30% over the past years. In addition to OBM, the company also fills OEM and ODM orders.

The company's hottest-sellers include Cygnus, GY6, Dio and GTS125 Engine Parts, which are highly regarded among professionals for close tolerance, compatibility and stability, easy installation and strong performance.